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An XS size seat

with the comfort of a normal size seat.

The “mini” chairs are used: for bars and restaurants, for which a few centimeters of space becomes very significant, but also for private individuals, who often have very small houses, especially in cities.


This is the idea for which we decided to commission this chair to the 34-year-old designer Tommaso Caldera, with strong independent personal experiences as well as those gained in important studios such as those of Odoardo Fioravanti and Jonathan Olivares. “To draw Mina, I went backwards starting from the dimensional cage in which she should have been contained. This was defined by the maximum dimensions not to be exceeded and by the inclination between seat and backrest (essential for comfort). Drowning the backrest in the thickness of the leg, for example, has gained centimeters by managing to maintain the inclination, the design of the rear legs visually lightens the chair without stealing space. “

Design and craftsmanship

In this seat, as in many wooden projects, many of the values of internoitaliano are summarized, one of which is the combination of design and high quality craftsmanship. To grasp it, you need to look at the meeting point between the curved solid wood backrest and the rear legs that support it. A joint that is not an easy solution because making the back rest stay within the thickness of the rear leg requires considerable craftsmanship and design care.

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