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Winner 2021


Believing in the Future 2021 for the Design category.

The YOUNG COMPANIES AWARD enhances the new generation of entrepreneurs borning in Italy . A heartfelt thanks goes to the work of the 12 members of the Advisory Board, who evaluated and discussed the 96 nominations, and to the Altagamma Presidency that decreed the winners in the 7 sectors represented by the Foundation: fashion, design, food, jewelry, hospitality, Nautical, engines”, comments Stefania Lazzaroni the General Manager of Altagamma.

“The eight winners are extraordinary realities that fully express Italian creativity and that have all the characteristics to become the future protagonists of our sector”. To begin the adventure of InternoItaliano were Giulio Iacchetti and Silvia Cortese, 10 years ago, together with friends, photographers, graphic designers, professionals shared the first ideas of creating the company to bet on the importance of the dialogue between design and craftsmanship crossing the usual glamour closely linked to the world of design . The main focus has been the precious Italian craftsmanship heritage, made of people and, above all, of that unquestionable “know-how” that has become the true and unique cultural value today fundamental. Giulio Iacchetti remains the creative soul and the art director of the brand

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