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"Fairytale" vases

Do you remember the tale of Pinocchio, which is transformed from a simple puppet to a… vase? That’s right, because the new version is designed by Giulio Iacchetti who uses glass instead of wood and gives us a new, fun and refined character by Collodi.

What is it. Pinocchio is a collection of mouth-blown glass vases.

What is special about it. Each vase is a simple but playful and original combination of a few geometric shapes: the cylinder, the sphere, the cone. The result is a series of iconic and cheerful characters, immediately reminiscent of the Pinocchio character.

How it is made. It is a collection of three glass vases (in different heights) blown by the glass masters. Simple, but iconic, they are inspired by the tale of Pinocchio.

Whose idea is it? Giulio Iacchetti, industrial designer who since 1992 collaborates with the major brands in the sector. In 2012 he launched the InternoItaliano brand which offers objects, accessories and furnishings of contemporary design, simple but unexpected. Among his distinctive features there is always the research and definition of new object types: it is no coincidence that in his career he won two Compasso d’Oro ADI awards.

We like it because… You look at them and they immediately bring joy, but also an extreme sense of style. These vases are fun and elegant, playful and refined, because they combine the playful and fairytale side with the craftsmanship of the glassmaking tradition.

Ironically enough, the strong point of the project, which is totally made by hand, is the nose in white glass paste, whose length always varies depending on the whim of the master glassblowers… so every piece is one of a kind.

Pinocchio Red

H30 cm

Pinocchio Blue

H40 cm

Pinocchio Green

H50 cm

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