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Handmade gifts

Our mood? As always, craftsmanship!
Creativity seems to be   an excellent starting point for the year 2022 after the chaos of the last two years.

We moved away from clutter and landed on an essential approach, where monochromatic color palettes, warm neutral tones, clean lines and simplicity reign. Recalling the soul of things, only the most important elements remain, often with a consequent and needed serenity.

The craftsmanship remains: InternoItaliano has a beating heart made up of our culture, which fills our days, starting with the morning when we wake up and take a cup of  coffee, we wear our favorite dress , we drive the car to go to working place,  until the evening , when we finally rest into our bed.

We are  MADE IN ITALY and we are very proud of it.

Many niche objects made by artisan artists; people engaged in making a dream come true, in continuing a family tradition, in innovating and creating style and quality.

From the creative Tuscany to the productive Lombardy, to the rigorous Veneto, to the charming Sardinia, to the generous Puglia: everywhere there is history, imagination, passion.

We dedicate this article to the colourful Sicily of the late Nino Ciminna, master-tinker of special tin and aluminium working processes , he worked in his old workshop, in the ancient heart of the city of Palermo, in the historic street dedicated to the working of metals.

In Idro , is the watering can in which is still alive the ancient charm of the art of metal working as Ciminna was doing, where we are still able to find craftsman and people who make history, write it and sing it

To share our mood with you, we have created a Spotify playlist, dedicated to the world of craftsmanship

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