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Dorica Collection

Internoitaliano presents Dorica, an italian tableware collection by Paestum Experience, the brand of souvenirs and handcrafted products dedicated to the city of Paestum. Dorica thus becomes part of the Internoitaliano family with a product that shares its same purposes and values.

Dinner plate and dessert plate in the Blu version.

Dinner plate and bowl in red version.

The Dorica ceramic tableware collection, designed by Mario Scairato and Alessandro Stabile, is a project dedicated to a particular Italian territory, Cilento, in the province of Salerno, south of Italy, which sees the city of Paestum as its hub.

Not only a territory steeped in history, but one also boasting a very rich agri-food culture  and a world-renowned ceramic tradition such as that of Vietri sul Mare, a bulwark of the Amalfi coast a few km north of Paestum.

The Dorica collection is therefore essentially inspired by the Doric architectural style widespread in Magna Graecia of which Paestum is one of the most important historical centres. The typical groove that we find in the columns of the temples of Paestum becomes a refined decoration for plates and bowls.

Solid, strong and colourful, facing the style reminiscent of the atmosphere and “warmth” of southern Italy, Dorica plates are perfect for an informal or an elegant table “allure”.

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