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Home or office?

We have discovered that the time of work at home is not marked by environments that recall our office but by a time in which we are finally free to be able to choose to surround ourselves with unique, beautiful tools and therefore also able to face change with a new spirit.

Pofi in terracotta, Lama scissors, Neri mechanical pencil.

Stra magnifying glass on drafting machine.

Pico storage box with Neri pens.

Lama scissors, Stra magnifying glass.

Pico Storage box with Neri pen.

Affi stool.

The Turi copper wall clock says it’s 6.10am…

Rino pencil sharpener and Neri S mechanical pencil.

Osio desk clock.

Rino pencil sharpener and Neri S mechanical pencil.

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